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In fun news, I have been going through my old art, and today found my first Deer Me.

This was a 5-page short story I wrote & drew before I started the comic strip in 2003. The short story ran in Radio Comix's Furrlough in 2006.

Subsequently, Shan & I had this conversation this morning:


I told you that I found the pages of that old comic.

It's older than I thought. This might predate Deer Me.

I think I drew this the year we moved into the apartment, before I started Deer Me.

Viana's mask is still a headband, her manager (Cory) doesn't exist yet and is instead represented by an unnamed badger, and Thomas & Viana seem way more like a married couple, with no indication that they live with Velvet.


So, Deer Me is actually mostly a flashback, like How I Met Your Mother, without the main characters being raging assholes. :P

They're married, Cory retired, and Viana grew out of her Ninja Turtle phase. :P



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Deer Me