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Anyone familiar with my work for the last... ever... may have noticed a sudden expansion in content. Specifically, suddenly nudity and sex exist in my gallery.


Sex is a part of life. I am an adult depicting adult characters, some of whom even have children. Those parental characters did not asexually reproduce.

I spent a long time trying to keep sex out of my work, though. I feared what would happen if certain people (i.e. current employers, future employers, particular family members) saw me make such content.

Society makes sex a taboo topic, and I (generally) guard my privacy. The smut I depict reflects my preferences. Viewers will learn more about me than I might feel comfortable them knowing... thanks to society's lessons of shame.

However, I spent the last 10 years exploring sex positivity in real life. I have decided to start exploring it in fictional life, too.

And fictional life is so much freer. Concerns like pregnancy, S.T.I.s, hygiene, jealousy, trustworthiness, gravity, and physics are optional -- inherently absent -- in fiction.

Sex is a part of life, though. I still have plenty of non-sex content planned, too. I try to respect ratings and employ warning labels. So, if you want to see more by me, but not the smut, then just keep that S.F.W. mode on.


This conversation with DaemionFox about this naked Zeal image sums my sudden shift well:


look at you, getting all daring


I'm 43 years old; I'm tired of self-censoring. :-P Welcome to my mid-life crisis. Apparently, it features nekkid cartoon animals.


{animated thumbs up emoji}



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