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Submitting comics for publishing is, in my experience, no fun.

I gave myself a guideline that I would submit to a different publisher each time I received a rejection letter. However, that failed for two reasons:

1. Reading "this wouldn't work for print" really doesn't inspire enthusiasm to promptly try again.

2. Some publishers do not bother sending rejection letters... even when they claim they do.

To address point 2, I thought about giving myself a handy reminder. Maybe submit something once a month, whether I received a rejection letter lately or not.

And then I thought about how I could make that reminder a substitute for the rejection letter I didn't receive... maybe a cheerful image that says, "You've been rejected!" in happy letters on a bright background.

And then I thought, "How about a happy rejection mascot?"

I think I need to draw this.

May 16 Update: Courtesy BuckyWhitetale13, Roger now exists!

Next time you feel down because your submission was not accepted, or your date ended poorly, or you did not get that job, check in with Roger!

Thank you, Bucky! <3



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