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I saw an artist having to defend against the claim that "digital art isn't real art" or some such.

As someone who started drawing with traditional media and has spent over a decade dealing with unnecessary and unproductive guilt over the benefits of digital art...

I've come to decide that the real question is:

What do you want out of your art making experience?

If the goal is to make art, then find the tools that work best for you. They might be pencil & paper, or watercolors, or a digitizer tablet & program.

Is Undo in a program cheating? Well, how about using an eraser with pencil & paper?

Is using a curve tool in a program cheating? Well, how about using a French Curve, or a ruler, or a compass?

Shouldn't real artists be growing/mining & then grinding their own pigments, not buying them from a store? You are weaving your own canvases, right?

Me, I'll spend more time making my art, and less time worrying whether someone else considers my process valid.



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