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Shan sent me this message on September 24.

"I got an email, sent at 1am this morning, letting me to know that September 23rd is Bi Visibility day, and we should use that one day to 'elevate the voices of' bi people.

Sent on Sep 24. Thanks."

That seems about right, in how much the LGBTQetc. community genuinely values bisexual people.

Just look at some of the alternative names used to avoid the term "bisexual" while mean literally exactly that:

  • pansexual
  • heteroflexible
  • homoflexible
  • queer (used for a few different meanings, but "bisexual" without having to use the nasty b-word is common)
  • "I don't believe in labels" (also often used to avoid the nasty b-word)

"Elevate the voices." Bi-te me.



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