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This was originally posted on my Patreon page, hence the references of Patreon being "here."

Hello, 2021 and people!

What are your resolutions for 2021?

I have some. Those that may be of interest to you are:

  1. Continue the comic drawing process of drawing three different comic chapters at once: one Deer Me chapter, one Sharpclaw chapter, and one "other" chapter. While this means I work on 60 pages at once rather than 20 pages at once, it also means I make slower-but-simultaneous progress on multiple projects, rather than having to pick which project gets any progress at all and which project(s) get none. Also, being able to change the content from page to page helps keep things fresh much longer. I found this really worked for me on the last few batches of chapters.
  2. Try to get through two 3-chapter batches this year, rather than one (or at least get through 1.5 3-chapter batches). My 2020 hiatuses (at the start of the year and the end of the year) both wound up being much longer than I expected.
  3. Determine whether I can draw non-comic images during comic drawing batches. So far, the answer has been "No," and that has been one benefit of hiatuses: getting other art done. If I truly cannot manage to balance comic pages simultaneously with standalone art, then that is fine and I shall start planning for stand-alone art hiatuses... but I need to figure that out for certain so I can plan better. (I already know I cannot write comic stories while in these drawing batches; hiatuses are necessary for writing.)
  4. Find a sustainable CMS/hosting solution that I like for an art gallery and writing blog. You have read it from me before: I dislike WordPress. I know WordPress runs half the Internet now, but that is because most of us content providers do not want to code and want to instead make content, and most coders have little incentive to provide CMSes when everyone opts for social media, anyway. I have looked, and non-WordPress/non-social-media alternatives often require knowledge I lack, are proprietary, or are abandoned.
  5. Find a sustainable CMS/hosting solution that I like for my comic sites. I know I have hopped around sites a few times during the long life of Deer Me (and already once for Sharpclaw's comparatively short run), but finding stable, dependable, reliable comic hosting with features I want has been something of a challenge. Currently, one of my top options is to return to AutoKeen Lite, which was my first comic CMS. I would like to modify it to include some features I want, but I am no coder.
  6. Release books when I complete chapters. Now that I compiled 24 (!) print books that capture the last 17 years of my comic-making efforts, I want to not have to go through all that again in the future. Instead, I aim to print each chapter as it finishes. I still need to find a printer for my "adult" books. I have one lead I need to research, but printer recommendations are welcome.
  7. Determine my future with Patreon. I honestly do not consider Patreon a great site for communication or for distributing content. Well, I guess it is decent for the initial distribution of content -- creators post and patrons receive notification -- but certainly not for browsing archives. Communication is also not very good through the site. I do not mean to sound ungrateful to my patrons -- I sincerely thank you -- but I feel like we have to trundle through muck to interact with each other. I probably should not complain about Patreon so much on my Patreon page; I recognize the irony. Again, that is why I need to determine my future here.

Not resolutions, but a brief-ish note about social media and me, going forward.

I am not on social media. Patreon and FurAffinity are currently as close as I get to social media and Web 2.0 (does anyone remember that phrase?). Barring some dramatic change, I shall not return to Twitstagrambook. It simply is not how I like to share, engage, or consume. I apologize if that causes you any inconvenience.

I strive to keep my content accessible. Even through the different CMSes and hosting I have tried, Deer Me has consistently been available at, and has had the same RSS feed for many years. Sharpclaw similarly remains available at with its own RSS feed. As long as I remain on Patreon, I shall continue to post their updates here.

I do also currently post art and comic updates to a Telegram channel; does that count as social media?

Well, that is a lot from me all at once. How are you doing?



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