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The Core Problem

"Stick with it for two weeks and you will find that you want to exercise!"

  1. You have to get through those two weeks first.
  2. Liar. It takes my body longer than two weeks to adapt to a new activity.

Back to that first point, though: How am I supposed to "start easy and add a little each day" when my body berates me on Day 3 for Day 1? I confirmed that push-ups definitely work the core muscles because I got down on the floor for my push-ups and my core said, "Nope."

Speaking of part of me saying, "Nope," I seem to be stuck creatively. I never intended Deer Me to go on a multi-year hiatus, but I ran out of scripted stories. I have story ideas, but they are a jumble and I have some overarching concepts that I want neatly woven together through shorter stories.

I need to sit down and actually build a timeline and outline for the coming Deer Me stories. However, my brain seems to reject the project whenever I try. So, I have these (in my opinion) cute and funny short stories that are waiting for a writing project much bigger than those little ideas all put together.

This is less Writer's Block and more... Writer has to build the entire apartment complex before getting to decorate a single room within that apartment complex.

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