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I am still clawing my way through drawing pages and updates remain slower than I would like, but I think I should be able to pick up momentum this coming month.

Tangentially related...

Does Camp NaNoWriMo still run in July? Is anyone doing it? Would anyone doing it like me to join a cabin and probably mess up that cabin's statistics as I fumble around, figuring out what to write all month? If so, then invite DeerMe. :-P I have some ideas, but need a little external motivation. Thanks.

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Note About (Lack of) Comic Updates:

Sharpclaw Updates:

You may have noticed I have no buffer for these comic pages right now. Each page shall post on the first Wednesday after I have finished it until I can get a buffer established again. How long establishing a buffer takes shall determine whether the pages then continue to update every Wednesday or every other Wednesday.

Deer Me Updates:

Deer Me continues its hiatus until (hopefully) the second half of 2022. I really like the creative approach of drawing pages from alternating comics: Deer Me page 1, Sharpclaw page 1, Deer Me page 2, Sharpclaw page 2, etc. I found that progressing this way with two chapters at a time paced me comfortably, but three simultaneous chapters felt like too much.

Right now, I am alternating pages between the currently running Sharpclaw chapter and a future-run Sharpclaw Smut chapter, rather than making Deer Me one of the chapters. Assuming all goes well, I aim to work on the next Deer Me chapter and the next Sharpclaw chapter in the second half of 2022... which is approaching faster than I can handle!

Working on alternating pages like this does slow any one chapter's progress, yes, but also lets me make progress on two chapters at once, and keeps me feeling invigorated and creative (preventing burnout) better than focusing on any one chapter at a time.

So, that is what is happening there. Is 2022 flying by too quickly for you, too?

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