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There is a person you think about frequently.

You have not spoken to this person for months, maybe years. You did not have an active falling out; you simply stopped taking the time to contact the person. However, so much later, you still think about the person frequently.

Contact the person. Send an e-mail. Make a telephone call. Write a physical letter. Rather than just keep thinking about reaching out, reach out. Just say, "Hello."

Do not have any expectations about what this effort shall gain you. Do not expect the person to gush in gratitude about having been remembered all this time later. Just make the attempt because you do think about this person. Maybe you will resurrect your old friendship, maybe you will not.

But more of us should try to make and maintain connections.

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Art Links Note:

The art links list includes three images from January that I did not share last month for the January links. Though these illustrations were done in January, they were for February events, so I postponed sharing them.

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