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Whew! After I finished the three (Deer Me, Sharpclaw, and Sharpclaw Smut) concurrent chapters last year, I needed a change. I got a lot of non-comic art done for a change, which was fun. After that, I started building my own content management system (CMS).

Building my own CMS has been hard. I expected learning PHP to be the hard part, but the really hard part has been the decision making. How do I want content organized? How do I want pages to load? How do I want content organized? What information do I deem necessary? How do I want content organized? What should result in errors and how should errors be displayed? How do I want content organized?

I have finished my CMS! Sort of. I know it is going to be an ongoing project, probably as ongoing as my comics themselves! So many "completed" webpages have notes within the code about future adjustments. Also, my RSS feeds are manually maintained right now. I know how to automate them, but apparently my brain's tolerance for coding came to a screeching halt just after I got the archive pages working the way I wanted. I can mentally code the RSS feed while away from my computer, but I sit at my computer, open a text editor, and NOPE!

Anyway, I can now focus on making comics again! Whee!

As I said, I know that working on my CMS shall be an eternally ongoing project. I already have so many nitpicks, never mind that I still need to automate the RSS feeds! Also, I am sure that, as I learn more about coding, I shall discover better ways of doing things I have already done or discover cool features I want to add.

What I shall (hopefully) never need to do again is completely rebuild the data for hundreds of comic pages on yet another new site. Each site move has been a bigger and bigger headache, partially because of the tedium of repetition, partially because of the frustration of breaking URLs, and partially because the job just gets bigger as I create more comic pages! I may adjust and tweak the heck out of my current CMS, but at least the comic image files are where they are, and they have corresponding data files that are under my control and not able to be wiped out if a third-party solution disappears one day. I know there are benefits of SQL databases, but my system is built on image files and XML files and can just be FTPed to any new host that supports HTML and PHP if anything happens to my current one.

Anyway, oof. This project has been challenging.

If you are a coder of a CMS or similarly complicated system, then give yourself a pat on the back from me. If you are not, then give a round of applause to the coders that build the systems you use.

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