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Deer Me Book

Deer Me Collection: All I Hold Deer (out of print)

All I Hold Deer collects the first four years of Deer Me in one 8.5"x5.5" volume.

Front and back color cover, 104 black-and-white pages, 200 comic strips, artist's introduction.

Deer Me Collection 1

Deer Me Collection 1: All I Hold Deer - Volume 1

Attend a convention, add "yobo" to your vocabulary, and enjoy driving with Viana, Thomas, and Velvet.

This volume collects chapters 001 - 011.

Deer Me Collection 2

Deer Me Collection 2: All I Hold Deer - Volume 2

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, appreciate the power of cuteness, and learn how Viana met Velvet and Thomas.

This volume collects chapters 012 - 022.

Deer Me Collection 3

Deer Me Collection 3: Bucking The Trend - Volume 1

Go to the movies, officially meet the characters, play dress-up, and get fit.

This volume collects chapters 023 - 032.

Deer Me Collection 4

Deer Me Collection 4: Bucking The Trend - Volume 2

Attend a convention and learn how Thomas came to live with Velvet and Viana.

This volume collects chapters 033 - 034.

Deer Me Collection 5

Deer Me Collection 5: Cervine Intervention - Volume 1

Go baby-sitting, regain control over your collections, and play with pooches.

This volume collects chapters 035 - 039.

Deer Me Collection 6

Deer Me Collection 6: Cervine Intervention - Volume 2

Exchange Christmas gifts, commiserate about job woes, and follow Thomas as he moves out.

This volume collects chapters 040 - 044.

Deer Me Chapter 045

Deer Me Chapter 045: Crushed Velvet (Part 1)

As an adult, Velvet is quite the heartbreaker who seems never overly attached to any romantic partner. It turns out this was not quite the case during her high school days!

This is part one of a three-part story.

Deer Me Chapter 046

Deer Me Chapter 046: Crushed Velvet (Part 2)

Velvet likes James. James likes Blaire. Blaire likes Velvet. Teenage melodrama ensues.

This is part two of a three-part story.

Deer Me Chapter 047

Deer Me Chapter 047: Crushed Velvet (Part 3)

Teenage love triangles untangle and everyone lives happily ever after... right?

This is part three of a three-part story.

Deer Me Chapter 048

Deer Me Chapter 048: So Little Time

As Rasha and Jared prepare for their wedding, Thomas and Viana remain confused about events... until a very awkward reveal...

Deer Me Chapter 049

Deer Me Chapter 049: Domestic Bliss

Thomas and Aaron learn the hard way that the changes in their lives have made them less suited to living with each other than they used to be.

Deer Me Chapter 050

Deer Me Chapter 050: Happy Campers

Thondy, Woola, and Devan invite Nichole and Alicia to go camping with them, and the five soon discover that their defnitions of "camping" do not match.

Deer Me Chapter 051

Deer Me Chapter 051: Puppy Love

James tries to "help" Blaire, and Viana is surprised to learn details about her boss, Cory.

Deer Me Chapter 052

Deer Me Chapter 052: New Routines

Viana adjusts to life without Thomas as a roommate and with Aaron as a boyfriend.

Deer Me Chapter 053

Deer Me Chapter 053: Their Special Day

You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Rasha Zwi and Jared Raul.

Deer Me Chapter 054

Deer Me Chapter 054: Poor Reception

During the wedding reception, spirits heighten... and so do tensions.

Deer Me Chapter 055

Deer Me Chapter 055: Morning After (Part 1)

After the altercation at the reception, Aaron, Thomas, and Viana realize that they need to sort things out. Of course, even that leads to more complications.

Deer Me Chapter 056

Deer Me Chapter 056: Morning After (Part 2)

It is a day for reconciliations... or, at least, Aaron is trying to make it one. Will Viana and Thomas help or make things worse?

Deer Me Chapter 057

Deer Me Chapter 057: Moving Forward

After the confusions have been cleared, Thomas and Viana are finally together.

How is everyone else doing?

Deer Me Special Issue 1

Deer Me Special Issue 1

Featuring two short stories:

In It's A Wonderful Day, Viana has quite the day.

In Ghost Writer, Viana finds herself assisting a restless spirit.

sharpclaw Book 1 Chapter 01" src="./book-sc0101.jpg" />
<b>Sharpclaw Book 1 Chapter 01:  Heather And Holly</b>
Twin sisters Heather and Holly enjoy an idyllic life until magic disrupts their peace.
<b>Sharpclaw</b> is a new fantasy-adventure comic series that begins with this issue.
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Sharpclaw Book 1 Chapter 02: Opal And Ruby

Heather takes her daughters out for an adventure, but the journey provides Opal and Ruby more mysterious encounters than any of them expected.

sharpclaw Book 1 Chapter 03" src="./book-sc0103.jpg" />
<b>Sharpclaw Book 1 Chapter 03:  Sisters And Brothers</b>
The unexpected turns of their journey separate Opal and Ruby.
Will they find each other and their way safely home, or do the woods have more adventures in store for them?
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Sharpclaw Book 1 Chapter 04: Separated And Lost

Separated from their family and each other and lost in the woods, Opal and Ruby find themselves in wildly different situations... while they strive to find each other.

Atomic Avenue lists and sells four comic anthologies to which I contributed.

Coming 2021.

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