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Pet Diary Art: Roadway

For some reason, all three of my pets decided to let me know I was in their way.

First, one dog hopped onto the couch with me and then opted to be on my other side, so forced his way between me and the back of the couch. He could have just hopped up on the other side in the first place, but shoving his way past me through a path he made for himself apparently was more appealing.

Next, my other dog decided that she wanted to switch her floor spot to the other side of me, too, so she simply lifted my outstretched legs to walk under them. She could have gone around, but decided to make herself extra room on the direct route.

Not to be left out, even my cat decided to try to make me move. He walked underneath my outstretched legs, but he had plenty of clearance, so he specifically stretched his head up to bump my foot upwards.

Apparently, my seat had been declared a major highway without my knowledge.

Category: Miscellaneous Art

Labels: Pet Diary, Sketch, Cat, Dog, Human