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Deer Me Art: Nichole Muis Portrait

After Lila, Nichole and Alicia Muis are my oldest Deer Me characters. They were originally Nichole and Alicia Mousekattes, Rescue Rangers fan characters created by my sister and a friend of hers. My sister and her friend created a collection of Rescue Rangers fan characters who were themselves a fan club of the Rescue Rangers. So cute! I illustrated the characters, all teenage girls, except the younger Alicia, who was Nichole's younger sister.

Years later for Deer Me, I aged Nichole and made her Alicia's mother rather than older sister and put Alicia in her wheelchair. I also had plans for the raccoon character from that group, Marci Masque, but wound up never using her.

And now, another change: Nichole and Alicia have changed from mice to dogs. I love cartoon mice, but find I am never quite satisfied with how I depict their muzzles; I never have settled on a preferred style of mouse muzzle. I also have mixed feelings on the buck teeth. These are just artistic choices, but I have never been able to make them in a way that satisfies me. I have resolved my issues with muzzles and teeth in canine characters, hence part of my motive for the "all canine cast" change.

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