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Deer Me: Repeated Song

Complaints of an associate driving others crazy with his or her insistance upon repeatedly playing the same song always make me cringe a little, because I know I am that person. I generally try to keep my music to myself, but I know I sometimes play it much more loudly than I realize, and I sometimes go through phases of repeatedly playing the same song or songs. No one has complained, though, so I surround myself with very tolerant people or do manage to mostly keep my music to myself.

Velvet Hairyson happily blasts the same song repeatedly, much to the misery of Thomas Millwood.

Fun Fact: It is a good thing that the lyrics are less visible than I originally intended, because I unwittingly created them. I had believed the lyrics of a particular song to be, "I'm only merely asking/All on the way/On a summer day." These lyrics make little sense, but read the lyrics of your favorite pop songs and tell me how many stand up to scrutiny. Making this image made me realize I wanted to understand the lyrics of the whole song, not just this chorus I memorized, so I sought the song with these lyrics... and could not find it for a very long time. This is because the song is in Gaelic, not English; my nonsense lyrics were the result of my brain trying to make sense of unfamiliar sounds I heard.

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Characters: Thomas Millwood, Velvet Hairyson