Snarkclaw Snarkclaw: Art And Comics by Sheryl Schopfer. Illustrations include characters from Deer Me and Sharpclaw, plus fan art, mostly in a cartoony style.
Deer Me Art: Website Images

I created various images with Deer Me characters for my website. Thomas Millwood checking the mail, Zeal Sharpclaw holding an envelope, Velvet Hairyson writing a letter, and my self portrait were all possible "Contact" links. The two images of Viana Doesulen are the original illustration and the modified version for the "Tip Jar" link.

Category: Deer Me Art

Labels: Deer Me, Art, Female, Male, Deer, Horse, Human, Lynx

Characters: Thomas Millwood, Velvet Hairyson, Viana Doesulen, Zeal Sharpclaw