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Deer Me Art: Nichole Muis Portrait

After Lila, Nichole and Alicia Muis are my oldest Deer Me characters. They were originally Nichole and Alicia Mousekattes, Disney's animated 1989-1990 Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers fan characters created by my sister and a friend of hers. My sister and her friend created a collection of Rescue Rangers fan characters who were themselves a fan club of the Rescue Rangers. So cute! I illustrated the characters, all teenage girls, except the younger Alicia, who was Nichole's younger sister.

Years later for Deer Me, I aged Nichole and made her Alicia's mother rather than older sister and put Alicia in her wheelchair. I also had plans for the raccoon character from that group, Marci Masque, but wound up never using her.

And now, another change: Nichole and Alicia have changed from mice to dogs. I love cartoon mice, but find I am never quite satisfied with how I depict their muzzles; I never have settled on a preferred style of mouse muzzle. I also have mixed feelings on the buck teeth. These are just artistic choices, but I have never been able to make them in a way that satisfies me. I have resolved my issues with muzzles and teeth in canine characters, hence part of my motive for the "all canine cast" change.

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