Snarkclaw Snarkclaw: Art And Comics by Sheryl Schopfer. Illustrations include characters from Deer Me and Sharpclaw, plus fan art, mostly in a cartoony style.
Sharpclaw Art: Alder And The Snake - 19 of 20

Loden and Lily Lightail watch the snake plummet towards the ground.

This is image nineteen in a series of twenty. The series was a hybrid of attempting to animate a sequence and create a sequential storyboard.

In the full sequence, Alder Keenred wakes to find a snake staring at him, the snake charms him and prepares to eat him, Zeal Sharpclaw seizes the snake and hurls it away, and Loden and Lily Lightail watch the progress of the thrown snake.

Category: Sharpclaw Art

Labels: Sharpclaw, Art, Sketch, Female, Male, Rabbit, Raccoon

Characters: Lily Lightail, Loden