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Sharpclaw Art: Trenchant Design

Finalizing the Sharpclaw script over the past few years and starting the page layouts made me realize one more creative problem for the pet project that has slowly simmered my entire adult life: not all my character designs are final. Actually, I knew that. What I am discovering is that far fewer of my characters -- including very important and even main characters -- have designs I really know well and like.

Trenchant is a great example. His design changed little over the years (mostly simplifying and muting the clothes colors), but I recently realized that I still did not like his "final" costume. So, I revisited him, this time wanting to really visualize him.

The body should be taller and leaner than the form here, but I like the body coloring and the costume. I think he finally has his core look.

Now, I just need to do that for about a dozen or more other characters.

This image also has a markings reference version.

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