Snarkclaw Snarkclaw: Art And Comics by Sheryl Schopfer. Illustrations include characters from Deer Me and Sharpclaw, plus fan art, mostly in a cartoony style.
Miscellaneous Art: Moth And Other Doodles

On a recent flight, I discovered a living moth around my seat. I tucked it into a roomy air pocket between my jacket and myself to keep it from fluttering around and potentially getting crushed during the flight. I eventually got the moth off the airplane and it fluttered away in a large, open area with ready access to the outdoors. I cannot speak to its wellbeing after that, but I hope I helped it and I appreciate that it gave me something to focus on during the otherwise tedious travel.

The other sketches are, like many of my sketches, just idyll ideas I doodled.

Category: Miscellaneous Art

Labels: Art, Sketch, Cougar, Donkey, Human, Moth, Owl, Unicorn