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Deer Me Art: Trio And Duo Sketches

For each month of 2014, I portrayed one or more Deer Me character dressed in a costume from a decade ranging from the 1880s through the 1990s.

The top is a rough sketch of 1900s Thomas Millwood, Velvet Hairyson, and Viana Doesulen.

The bottom is a rough sketch of Zeal Sharpclaw and Shandower Cardoc as Asterix and Obelix for a different costume concept series.

Category: Deer Me Art

Labels: Deer Me, Art, Sketch, Female, Male, Cat, Deer, Horse, Lynx, Asterix

Characters: Shandower Cardoc, Thomas Millwood, Velvet Hairyson, Viana Doesulen, Zeal Sharpclaw