Snarkclaw Snarkclaw: Art And Comics by Sheryl Schopfer. Illustrations include characters from Deer Me and Sharpclaw, plus fan art, mostly in a cartoony style.
Fan Art: ElfQuest: Brookchild And Sorrowflower

For Windshaper's Holt, a role-playing group based on ElfQuest by Wendy Pini, I wrote and illustrated a backstory for one of the three elf characters I adopted. The story, "Warrior's Sorrow," took me around four years to write, illustrate, and publish within the fanzine, but the events span under one and a half months. In this "meta joke" sketch, the main character, Sorrowflower, is the writer of her own story and comments on the story creation time versus the story event time to her lifemate and the story illustrator, Brookchild.

Category: Fan Art

Labels: Fan Art, Sketch, Female, Male, Elf, ElfQuest

Characters: Brookchild, Sorrowflower